Hurricane PJs and Some News

Somehow I missed the news that Rae is now offering the Flashback Skinny T in larger sizes.  Since we're in the middle of a hurricane, might as well buy a new pattern and do some sewing. 
 I've had a really hard time finding good PJs for the 6 year old in the house.  She's tall and skinny and all the 6T PJs are too short in the length and arms.  Rae's pattern is perfect!  I cut a size 6 and added length in the torso and arms.
I made 3 shirts and 2 pairs of fleece pants.  So much easier than going store to store, buying and returning...

And now for the news....I'll be releasing my first e-pattern in the new few weeks.  Remember this bag I made too late for Purse Week, well I thought it was so cute that maybe others would like to make it too. 

Roselee, my good friend and bag maker extraordinaire, is testing out the pattern to make sure it makes sense to someone other than me.  Then she'll be giving away a copy of the pattern and it will be up for sale.  So stay tuned!


Purse Week Bag - Late

 I started this bag about a month ago and figured I'd have plenty of time to get it done for Purse Week at A Lemon Squeezy Home
The deadline was October 12th and I just finished last night.  Oh well, at least it's done. 
I'm pretty proud of this bag.  I came up with pattern myself, made my own bias tape and piping, and even made the strap adjustable! And I'm in love with this fabric from Joanns.  I was kind of shocked when the woman who cut it for me told me it's not a popular print for them
Even though I didn't get to enter, it's still really fun to check out all the other entries.  Have you been following?  
Do you have a favorite?


KCWC - Raglan T

 KCWC is such a great motivator to sit down and make clothes for the kids.  But, sometimes I find it overwhelming.  The other night I was paralyzed with indecision and ended up getting frustrated and doing nothing.  I did catch up on Project Runway, so that's something. 
 After a night off, I regained my motivation and threw together this shirt.
 FABRIC:  2 repurposed T-shirts
PATTERN: self drafted using an existing shirt, Rae's Skinny Tee pattern and Hey June's Greenpoint Cardigan Pattern.
RESULT: a perfect fit and he loves it.  He was even excited about the elbow patches.

Have a great weekend! 


KCWC Project 1

My first completed project for KCWC.  The Greenpoint Cardigan is a new pattern from Adrianna of Crafterhours and now Hey June.
 This is a really great pattern.  Easy to follow and make, comes in a great range of sizes, and can be done for a boy or a girl! How great is that.  I made this one from a stretchier than average sweatshirt fleece.  Perfect for fall.

This little handsome cutie reminded me of Mr. Rogers. He's ready for a big day in the neighborhood with his great snack sack.

Are you doing KCWC?  What are you making?

Costume Procrastination

 It's the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week at Elsie Marley, and what am I up to?  Procrasting.  When I should be making costumes, or some clothing for a tall, skinny, 6 year old with apparently freakishly long arms (nothing fits her!!), I'm making trick or treat bags.  There was more glue gun than sewing machine involved too.  I am working on one clothing sewing project and hoping I can get the boy to let me take his picture.  
Stay tuned!


Reusable Snack Bags

 I'm a big believer in reducing waste and carrying snacks in reusable containers whenever possible.  Yet somehow, we've never found a fabric snack sack that really worked for us.
Enter this great tutorial for a reusable snack sack from Roselee at Jane of All Trades.  Very easy and the bias tape is such a nice touch. 
 I made a few changes to the original tutorial to suit our needs.  I only used 1 layer of fabric and made them narrower and shorter.  My finished dimensions are 6 inches by 4 inches.

I also cut a piece of hook and loop tape in half lengthwise and hid it under the bias tape.
  So quick, easy,pretty....
and functional!

As a side note, I've been doing some reading about food safe fabrics and feeling a bit discouraged.  This fabric IS 100% cotton, but the care instructions say "dry clean only".  I spoke with the ladies at Joann's who said that duck cloth shrinks with every wash and that's why they recommend dry cleaning, has something to do with the way it's woven (??).  For these I purposely didn't use PUL or nylon because from what i read, I wasn't convinced that it should be anywhere near food.  In any case, if anybody has any thoughts on fabric and food safety, I'd love to hear about it. 
 I'll admit, I'm a little hyper-sensitive when it comes to this kind of stuff given that my other life is in Endocrine Disrupter research. 


Show Me A Story: Book Review and GIVEAWAY-RESULTS

And the winner is.....

Lise, who said

I'm not a great storyteller, but my daughter constantly asks me to "tell me a story about when you were a little girl." She's even started giving me prompts, like "did you ever need your parents' help when you were outside?" I don't know where they come from, but they sure help me think of stories to tell her! Would love a chance to win the book--thanks!
Thanks for all the great comments.  It was really to fun to hear how what inspires the storytelling in your lives.
Have a great weekend!