Hurricane PJs and Some News

Somehow I missed the news that Rae is now offering the Flashback Skinny T in larger sizes.  Since we're in the middle of a hurricane, might as well buy a new pattern and do some sewing. 
 I've had a really hard time finding good PJs for the 6 year old in the house.  She's tall and skinny and all the 6T PJs are too short in the length and arms.  Rae's pattern is perfect!  I cut a size 6 and added length in the torso and arms.
I made 3 shirts and 2 pairs of fleece pants.  So much easier than going store to store, buying and returning...

And now for the news....I'll be releasing my first e-pattern in the new few weeks.  Remember this bag I made too late for Purse Week, well I thought it was so cute that maybe others would like to make it too. 

Roselee, my good friend and bag maker extraordinaire, is testing out the pattern to make sure it makes sense to someone other than me.  Then she'll be giving away a copy of the pattern and it will be up for sale.  So stay tuned!

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