New Pajamas

  New fabric + new pattern = new pajamas!

I've been seeing a lot of posts out there using Rae's Flashback skinny tee pattern.  The little ones are in need of new pajamas, so I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself a copy.

I found this fabric in the clearance section at Joann's, which was 50% off last weekend!  Major score.  
I made the pants using a pattern in Growing Up Sew Liberated.

Both patterns are really easy to follow and the sizing was right on.  I've made pants and tees before, but I've always traced a piece of clothing to make the pattern.  It's nice to have a ready to go, sized right pattern.


Just for Fun Top

So, do you think anybody will notice if I wear ruched-sleeve tops all Spring?

I couldn't help myself, I made another Spring top...just for fun.  

This time I did a boatneck and longer sleeves, and I love it. 


It's the little things...

Sometimes it's those little projects that can be so satisfying. 
 I have been meaning to re-cover this chair cushion for quite some time.  My good friend Roselee, from Jane of All Trades, and I made a trip up to Keene, NH to check out a new-to-us fabric store.  
I wasn't sure about this fabric, but it was a decent price, so I bought it.  And oh how I love it!  Last night I kept peeking out my window at the chair.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was going crazy.

 Another simple project I've made recently was this fabric basket and bean bag set.  We have some little friends turning 1, and thought this would be perfect. The great part about this project is that in constructing the basket, you cut out 4x4 squares to make the bottom and so your bean bag pieces are already cut.  How great is that!

 So simple and so satisfying.


Spring Top Flop

 I started working on another Spring Top a week or so ago, and it ended up as more of a spring flop.  It doesn't look so bad on the hanger, but there are some definite construction problems.
 You can see the little oopsie where the sleeve meets the armhole.  I do really like the contrasting thread on the sleeve ruffle hems. But, the sleeves are just a bit TOO puffy.  I feel a little like I'm wearing shoulder pads.
   This is what I was going for.  

Maybe I'll try again....or maybe just move on to something else.

 Here's to more successful projects in the future!



Easter Cookies and the News...

 Growing up, one of my closest friends would invite me over to celebrate Easter with her very large, very Italian family. I decided to try to recreate the delicious Easter cookies I looked forward to enjoying at her house ever year.
 I used this recipe and made mine with almond extract.  I packed some up to share with friends.  
These cookies are soooo yummy.  Light and almondy, with a sweet icing. 
The perfect Easter treat.

And, if you haven't popped over to Made-By-Rae yet, you haven't heard the news....
my Simple White Pleats top won the Reader's Choice for Week 1!  And only by a small margin, so thank you to all of you who voted!

There will be a whole new batch of tops next week, so be sure to check back.  And keep your eye on all the great submissions in the Flickr pool

Happy Easter!



Wow, I wasn't expecting both my tops to make it to the finals, and in the same week!

Go check me out with all the finalists for this week.  Remember to vote for your favorite ;)  You have until noon, Eastern time, this Friday.  A whole new batch of great tops will be up next week.

If nothing else, this has been such a great inspiration to do some selfish sewing.  In fact, I've got my Rays of Sunshine top on today!

For those who asked, yes, I'll try to post a tutorial for these at some point soon.

Hope you feel inspired to do some selfish sewing as well!