It's the little things...

Sometimes it's those little projects that can be so satisfying. 
 I have been meaning to re-cover this chair cushion for quite some time.  My good friend Roselee, from Jane of All Trades, and I made a trip up to Keene, NH to check out a new-to-us fabric store.  
I wasn't sure about this fabric, but it was a decent price, so I bought it.  And oh how I love it!  Last night I kept peeking out my window at the chair.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was going crazy.

 Another simple project I've made recently was this fabric basket and bean bag set.  We have some little friends turning 1, and thought this would be perfect. The great part about this project is that in constructing the basket, you cut out 4x4 squares to make the bottom and so your bean bag pieces are already cut.  How great is that!

 So simple and so satisfying.


  1. It's amazing how a new fabric can completely update a chair - it looks great! And I am definitely going to squirrel away the beanbag idea for a litte friend who will be turning one in the summer ...

  2. Such great projects that make a difference! The chair looks great and I love the fabric basket! Do you have a link or tute for it please?