Spring Top Flop

 I started working on another Spring Top a week or so ago, and it ended up as more of a spring flop.  It doesn't look so bad on the hanger, but there are some definite construction problems.
 You can see the little oopsie where the sleeve meets the armhole.  I do really like the contrasting thread on the sleeve ruffle hems. But, the sleeves are just a bit TOO puffy.  I feel a little like I'm wearing shoulder pads.
   This is what I was going for.  

Maybe I'll try again....or maybe just move on to something else.

 Here's to more successful projects in the future!



  1. Maybe it's not so bad? How would it look without the bottom/last ruffle? It's still great! Janelle

  2. I think the concept is really cute! Maybe use a flounce instead of a gathered ruffle? Either way I like it!

  3. wow. So I tried to recreate that exact same shirt for spring top week and it also flopped. I think it's just one of those wearability issues, where it looks good on the model, but it's not going to work for anyone in real life. I had the same shoulder pad/football player looking issue. And my "ruffles" are even less full because I cut half circle flounces instead of true ruffles. So you can't win. I just love that we both did the same thing and had the same problem! Your shirt should've won last year (I was a judge and pulled hard for you!) and ditto this year! Glad you finally got some appreciation for your amazing work :) (though, I must admit, I ranked the yellow one first and the white one second. Just love those stripes!)

  4. What about a lighter weight knit fabric? It might lay better and not be so puffy on the shoulders.

  5. Uhm I think it's because your ruffles begin affter the neck, and look the picture, they are more higher (?)...excuse my english, in this topics I don't know how to express my idea..., but my point it's, that your shirt have a shoulder strap, and the one in the picture does not. ^_^¿