Easter Cookies and the News...

 Growing up, one of my closest friends would invite me over to celebrate Easter with her very large, very Italian family. I decided to try to recreate the delicious Easter cookies I looked forward to enjoying at her house ever year.
 I used this recipe and made mine with almond extract.  I packed some up to share with friends.  
These cookies are soooo yummy.  Light and almondy, with a sweet icing. 
The perfect Easter treat.

And, if you haven't popped over to Made-By-Rae yet, you haven't heard the news....
my Simple White Pleats top won the Reader's Choice for Week 1!  And only by a small margin, so thank you to all of you who voted!

There will be a whole new batch of tops next week, so be sure to check back.  And keep your eye on all the great submissions in the Flickr pool

Happy Easter!


  1. Good for you!!! I voted for your top and i would love to see a tutorial for this, and by the way the one with yellow stripes was lovely too.

  2. The cookies look so cute, with that bright pink icing. And the shirt is lovely, I can imagine you won! Have a lovely Easter Sunday!

  3. Mmmm those look so good, and I love the bright colorful pictures too. Congrats, will keep watching!! Janelle

  4. I voted for your top too! i did look at them all and did not look to see who's was who's...thought here: need to be fair...it actually was a toss up between this top and the yellow one you made...I am partial to Yellow (actually it is my most fav colour)..but the pleats across, forming the fluttery short sleeves is what got my vote! Great Job! I can hardly wait for the next round!

  5. Congrats on your win. Your top looked lovely. Oh and your cookies look delicious.

  6. Congrats Ruby! Wow, your blog has grown! Like the new design. Matt's brother and wife just had a baby, so of course I'm looking on your site and etsy shop for a boy newborn outfit~ would love to see you sometime for tea and goody :)