Wow, I wasn't expecting both my tops to make it to the finals, and in the same week!

Go check me out with all the finalists for this week.  Remember to vote for your favorite ;)  You have until noon, Eastern time, this Friday.  A whole new batch of great tops will be up next week.

If nothing else, this has been such a great inspiration to do some selfish sewing.  In fact, I've got my Rays of Sunshine top on today!

For those who asked, yes, I'll try to post a tutorial for these at some point soon.

Hope you feel inspired to do some selfish sewing as well!


  1. Those are so lovely! And by the way, Ruby, you have the perfect bod to model those tops as well! Great fit. I will have to get on there and vote today. Janelle

  2. I'd love to have a closet full of these as well and I love the stripes!