Getting Organized // New Clothing Labels

 Over Thanksgiving break, I took advantage of the extra time off and went through my fabric.  I folded and organized and put together a bag of fabric to donate to a friend's business.  I love to buy fabric and end of buying more than I actually use.  So I made a pledge to not buy any new fabric until I use a bunch of what I've already got.  Part of that means sewing up some items to sell in my etsy shop.
I did a few craft events in November and ended up feeling a little disappointed with how much stuff I didn't sell.  It's not really about the money for me, I have a full time job and don't think I'd enjoy sewing if I depended on it as my primary income.  What I do enjoy is making cute things for cute people, ie baby clothes!  My kids are getting old enough now that they are pickier about their clothes and truthfully, their clothes are big enough that it takes so much fabric to make something for them, it's cheaper to buy them things...  It's not always about saving money, but that's a whole separate post. 
 So, in an effort to use the fabric I have, I've been making lots of cute baby things that will be listed soon.  I've been wanting to make new labels for my baby clothes for a LONG time and finally took the time to do it.  I designed the label in Powerpoint so that when it's folded in half, one side has my shop name and the other has the size.
 I printed the labels on printable fabric, cut and ironed.  I think they are so cute and I'm really happy with the way they look sewn into the side seam of the baby clothing.
It's amazing how something so little can feel so satisfying!


  1. Love you labels!! What a great idea.

  2. Great labels! Very professional looking.

  3. Great labels. I still make my children lots of clothes and would love to get some labels to sew in. I will have to look into printable fabric, is it easy to use?

    1. Yes, very easy to use! I just followed the instructions on the package.