Baby Cuteness // Lotta Jansdotter's Snuggler

All of a sudden, a number of people in my life are having babies, which has rekindled my interest in sewing for babies!  I happened across Lotta Jansdotter's Snuggler pattern, and oh my goodness, the cuteness is too much!  The pattern is a free download HERE.  Assembling the pattern is not at all intuitive, so I took a picture of mine assembled.  It might be helpful to see how it goes together, and note, there is quite a bit of overlap in the pieces.
If you're a regular reader, you know that I pretty much never follow a pattern the way it's written.  Don't know if that's my way of being a rebel or contrary.  Anyway, I decided the corners of the flaps would be cuter rounded, so I used a small bowl to round them out. 
 I also decided to sew mine from knit fabric only.  I didn't use the instructions that came with the pattern since it doesn't have many pictures and I'm a really visual person.  Instead I just followed along with this post.  These days I'd rather look at the pictures on my screen.
 I took the above picture because when I got to this point in the pattern, I was worried I had done something wrong because mine seems to look fairly different from the pattern picture.  I think mine is fine and the pattern picture just doesn't show what it should look like that accurately.  Not bashing the pattern, it's super cute and free.  Just trying to help out anybody else out there who might be struggling with it.
The end result is crazy cute!  The one on the right is the pattern as is, which seemed a bit big for a newborn.  I tried to size the pattern down to a more typical newborn size, which is the one on the left. 
 This one is newborn sized, lined with an incredibly soft microfleece, and has a matching hat!
I cannot wait to see an actual baby in one of these!  It's going to be a few months....  So, what shall I make next?


  1. I made this same pattern a while ago. It was a bit tricky to figure out but ended up working out well. Yours look adorable!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I was so confused trying to piece this together without a picture of the whole pattern! You saved my day!

  3. I am having trouble with the pattern. I think I did something wrong when I printed it. I think it is too small. I already cut it but I really think it is not right. Can you post the measurements either the pattern or finished swaddler. Thanks

  4. Could you explain how you downsized it?

  5. This saved me!! I was struggling with the pattern. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Same Same same! I love the idea but the instructions were poor. Could not find part A and B! Anyway, I really appreciate your interpretation. Thx