Another Great Pattern!

If you don't follow the blog Made, you should! Dana is coming up with amazing patterns on a regular basis. Here's her most recent FREE pattern for the Warhol Dress (mine is a Warhol Shirt).

This is the first one I made. Father's Day is right around the corner and I have a tradition of making AC/DC shirts for my kids for my husband. He is a HUGE AC/DC fan, which may come as a surprise to those of you who know him. It's pretty fun to see how people react when they see my cute kids coming down the street in AC/DC shirts. Especially a pink one!

It was so fun and easy making my first Warhol Dress, that I had to make another. I made a few modifications to the original pattern the second time around. I cut the armholes a little deeper and made the sides less A-line so that it was a little looser around the middle. My general experience is that if you cut it more square at the beginning, when you gather the top it naturally ends up A-line. I added a little pocket to off-set the black and a cute little button for fun.

Now the only trick will be getting my almost 4-year old who hates dresses to wear it. I've been calling it the "not dress", think that will work? :)

Even if she doesn't wear it, it's super fun and easy to make, so go download the pattern now!


  1. Awww, Meera doesn't like dresses? She's a tomboy, huh? Can't wait to see you guys next weekend! The clothes are SO cute!!

  2. that ac/dc shirt is seriously cute! great work.