I love the blogosphere.....

I must take a moment to thank all those amazing blogs out there that inspire me and keep me excited about sewing and creating. I am keep discovering new-to-me blogs and new patterns and I'm just amazed with all the creativity out there. It's very humbling..... For me blogging is somewhat self-serving, I enjoy putting my creations out there for whoever might be looking to see. And, I hope to inspire someone else, just as others have inspired me.

Having said that, here's a new-to-me blog with an amazing pattern. I saw Prudent Baby's One Shoulder Dressy Dress on Thursday and by Friday afternoon I'd already sewed up 2 and am thinking about doing another one in a jersey knit.

We have many little friends' birthdays coming up......there will be a lot of little Dressy Dressed girls around here!

Go check it out!

And thank you again to all those bloggers who put so much time into tutorials like this one! I admire and appreciate you!


  1. Ruby, can you make one of these for me for Aida's little girl Lulu, she's turning one AUg 9th.
    love it!!!

  2. Nice job! I saw your comment on Prudent Baby's blog. I am going to try it tomorrow as my first ever garment attempt. My girls are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2. Any tips? You seem to be quite an experienced seamstress. -meagan

  3. Your dresses look awesome! Great color choices.

  4. Hi! Love this little dress. Want to attempt to sew a few for three cute little ladies all turning 1 at the end of the month. Could you recommend measurements that would work? Thank so much!