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 Janelle, of Emmaline Bags, just released a new pattern, The Steph in the City Bag.  I was so honored when she asked me to test it out.  Let me tell you, she is one talented lady!  This pattern is amazing.  You might remember my Emmaline Bag from the giveaway
 This bag has all the great features of the Emmaline Bag and more.  Beautiful pleats, fun hardware, a cute belt, and a zipper gusset! 
She shows you how to do an interior zipper pocket, something I never knew how to do before reading her patterns.

So, definitely go check out her blog, where she has some great tutorials, and her shop where you can buy her amazing patterns.  And if you need some inspiration, take a look at her Flickr Eye Candy Pool.  


Kid's Messenger Bag Tutorial

(remember, this is for personal use only.  contact me if you'd like to become a licensed seller)
We've had a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month. It's always fun to give something handmade, so I came up with this cute messenger bag that we could fill up with other fun presents. It's super easy to make and can be made for a boy or girl depending on the fabric.

Here's what you need:

2 pieces of fabric for bag outer, 12" X 9" (I used denim)
2 pieces of fabric for bag lining, 12" X 9"
2 pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for bag bottom, 12" x 9"

2 pieces of fabric for flap, 9.5" X 8" (I used a contrasting fabric for one side and denim for the other)
1 piece of medium weight fusible interfacing for flap, 9.5" X 8"

1 piece of fabric for strap 28" x 8" (I used denim)
1 piece of batting for strap, 28" x 4" (this is optional)

Start out by fusing the interfacing to the outer bag pieces.

In the bottom corners of the 12 inch side of both outer pieces, mark a box that is 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

Then, cut those corners out. Do the same for the bag lining.

With right sides together and 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the outer main bag panels along the sides and bottom. Do the same for the bag lining pieces. Press seams open.

Now match the side seam to the bottom seam
on each corner. Trim and sew across with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do the same for the bag lining.

When you turn the outer part of the bag right-side-out, you should have something that looks like this.

Now, let's work on the flap. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric that you want to the outside of the flap.

Next, we'll round the corners. Lay the 2 flap pieces out with right sides together.
Fold in half matching the shorter (8 inch) sides. Use something round like a CD or jar cover to trace a rounded corner and cut.Here's what you'll end up with. Now along the long rounded edge, leaving the top, straight edge, open.
Clip curves, turn and top-stitch.
(ignore the fabric change....I was working on 2 bags and took a picture of the wrong bag...)

Next, we'll do the strap. Take your strap fabric and fold it in half the long way. Open it up and fold the edges in to fold line you just made, essentially folding your fabric in quarters. Place the batting inside.Top-stitch along each long side and down the middle.

Now we just need to put it all together. Pin the strap to the right side of the bag and then baste in place.

Pin the flap to the right side of the bag and baste in place. Double check to make sure that the fabric you want to see will show when the flap is closed.
This is the hardest part of the whole project. With right sides together, pin the bag lining over the bag exterior. You'll really have to pull it up to match the raw edges since you've got the strap and bag flap in there.

One it's all nice and pinned, sew around the top, leaving an opening for turning.

Turn and top-stitch making sure to close up the opening you left for turning.
There it is! Fill it up with some fun little presents and give it to someone special.


Emmaline Bag Sewing Pattern - WINNER

And the winner is.....


Kristie said "I love the bag pattern. It'd be perfect for summer. Such fun details too.
If I ever have the courage, I'd love to give your swimsuit tutorial a try. For now, I've only made the bookmarks and bibs. The fingerless gloves are calling out to me for the fall. Thanks for so many great tutorials!

Thank you everyone who entered.  It's so fun to hear about everyone's favorite tutorials. 

And keep an eye out for Janelle's newest pattern, the Steph In The City Bag.  
I'm pattern testing right now and can't wait to see the results!


Skirt Week

 Have you heard the news?  Crafterhours is hosting a whole month of skirt related posts and a little friendly skirt competition.

Check out all the info here.  

What's fun is that you can enter any skirt you've made since July 1, 2011.  So if you made a skirt in the past, you can enter it now!  I pulled out my Simplicity 2226 skirt, which I made last fall and still love and wear A LOT. 
 I also made this skirt last month and haven't had a chance to photograph and post, until now. 

I used the instructions from Simplicity 2226 to do the waist, but the rest is self-drafted.  The pockets were real, but ended up bunching funny, so I sewed them closed. 

Can't wait to see all the fun skirt posts starting on May 21.  

Do you have a skirt you're going to enter?

And, don't forget to enter the Emmaline Bag Pattern GIVEAWAY here.  The giveaway ends, Friday, May 18 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.


GIVEAWAY: The Emmaline Bag Sewing Pattern-CLOSED

I am so excited to host my very first giveaway!

A few months ago I was searching around for a bag pattern and came across The Emmaline Bag. I tried it out and fell in love.

What I love most about this pattern are the details.  The hardware, pockets, pleats, it has it all!
So, to win your own PDF copy of this pattern, leave a comment telling me about your favorite Zaaberry tutorial that you've tried or would like to try.  

Be sure to check out all ofJanelle's awesome patterns and tutorials as well.  

Here are the details:
  • 1 entry per person please
  • be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you and email you your pattern  
  • Good luck!  
Giveway ends Friday, May 19, 11:50 Eastern time. 


TUTORIAL: Fabric Bookmark with Pocket

Here's a simple little tutorial you can whip up just in time for Mother's Day.
Who wouldn't love to receive a pretty bookmark with a little gift card or special note tucked in a clear pocket?

Grab some scraps and let's get to work.
 You'll need:  
  • 2 fabrics rectangles, 3.25inches x 7 inches
  • 1 rectangle of mid-weight, fusible interfacing 2.5inches X 6.25 inches (I use Craft Fuse)
  • 1 scrap piece of vinyl
  • optional ribbon scrap 
 With right sides together, sew around all  sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening for turning on one short end.
 Clip the corners, turn right-side-out and iron.
Fold interfacing in thirds and slide it inside the bookmark.

 Then using a pen or knitting needle, flatten it out
Iron according to the manufacturer's instructions.
 If you are using a ribbon, fold it in half and insert the raw ends into the opening, pin in place.

 Grab your vinyl scrap and lay it on top of bookmark.  It should be about 3 inches tall.  Don't worry about the width, you'll trim it later.  It's best to have it hang over the sides, it makes it easier to sew.

Sewing with vinyl is like sewing oilcloth, it can be tricky.  My walking foot had no problem at all with this.  If you don't have a walking foot, there are some great tips HERE at sew, mama, sew.

With the vinyl in place, top-stitch all around, making sure to catch all the vinyl (this won't be a problem if you cut it larger than the bookmark) and close the opening you left for turning.
Add a gift card or note and you're done!

 A sweet little gift for someone special.
 Your mom, a friend, a favorite teacher....

Who will you give yours to?


Red Pants

Yesterday I went to 3 stores in search of a pink cardigan for the little girl and pants of any kind, that cost less than $15, for the boy.  I came home pretty much empty handed.

So, I turned to Dana's kid pants tutorial.  I made a few pairs last year and decided to try it again.  All I had in my stash was some red linen-like fabric and though they do the trick, it's hard to come up with tops that work with red pants.
Guess I'll just have to buy more fabric :)
And if you've got a keen eye, you might spot a preview of a simple, stash-busting tutorial coming up.  Any guesses?