Red Pants

Yesterday I went to 3 stores in search of a pink cardigan for the little girl and pants of any kind, that cost less than $15, for the boy.  I came home pretty much empty handed.

So, I turned to Dana's kid pants tutorial.  I made a few pairs last year and decided to try it again.  All I had in my stash was some red linen-like fabric and though they do the trick, it's hard to come up with tops that work with red pants.
Guess I'll just have to buy more fabric :)
And if you've got a keen eye, you might spot a preview of a simple, stash-busting tutorial coming up.  Any guesses?


  1. I know what you mean. I've had this same experience and either ended up at the thrift shop or made things for my girls at home. Scrapbuster? Hmm, is it a quiet book or a photo album?

    Cute pants! But I can see that it would be tough for them to go with a lot!

  3. flash cards? Love the pants! I made pants for my son this fall but the butts all ripped, every single pair.

  4. Beautiful pants.Well done!!

  5. Cute pants.:-) Maybe mini notepads?