A New Skirt and My Favorite Spring Colors

  Over Mother's Day weekend, I got my nails done, started a new skirt, and bought some fun new fabric.  As I snapped this photo of my skirt in progress, I realized I have a color palette on the brain.  Emerald, black and coral seem to be my go to colors right now.
I'm so happy with now this skirt came out and really proud to say that it is for the most part, self-drafted.
 I started with Simplicity 2226 which I've made twice before.  This one, where I sort of followed the pattern, and here again where I describe the changes I made.
 I used the pattern to draft the pockets and the yoke with belt loops and a skirt from my closet to draft the basic shape.  The invisible zipper gave me trouble on both my previous skirts, so it was nice to not have to worry about a zipper on this one.
 I really like the look of the front buttons, and believe it or not, used the sewing instructions from my Lisette Traveler's Dress to draft the button placket.

There are so many things I love about this skirt.  The fabric is a stretch poplin, so it's really comfortable to wear.  I love the color and the pockets and the fun flower print facing.  I added seam down the back which I think adds a nice simple detail.  I did have to add a little hook between the first 2 top buttons to keep it a little flatter there. I love being able to customize my clothing and not always having to rely on the sizing and fit of store-bought clothes. 
Next on the sewing agenda is a cute matching top with my new fabric find.


  1. Super cute, and i love the color too. Great job!

  2. Cute!! Looking forward to seeing your top soon :-)

  3. You and your skirt look great! And thank you for saying that you have had trouble with invisible zippers. I needed to hear someone besides myself say that! I have been putting them in pillows and the side seam of pants. They give me a royal pain:)
    Lisa D