Forget the Brown Bag, Lunch in Style

 One of the things I enjoy about blogging is that my blog serves as a personal journal of my creations.  I recently decided it's time for a new lunch tote and was kind of shocked to look back and see that the one I'm using is almost 3 years old!  Back then, I was asked to do a guest post and wanted to make something really functional.  An insulated, zippered, washable, lunch tote fit the bill.
 It was really fun to follow my own tutorial.  Since I have this problem of never wanting to do the same thing twice, I of course changed things up.  I used nylon on the inside instead of PUL and added interfacing to the exterior fabric.

The size is perfect and it stands up nicely.
I'd also been getting quite a few comments on the original post asking for dimensions of the finished bag.  I finally updated the tutorial page and added the dimensions as well as a few clarifications.  If there are any readers out there that have been waiting for that, sorry it took so long!  But if you head over to the original tutorial HERE, you'll find all the updated info.
 I'm really excited to head off to work tomorrow with my new lunch sack.  And, I'm working on a slightly smaller version to send to school with my kids.  Their current lunch bags get so stinky and I'm tired of not being able to throw them in the wash.  

Check back soon!

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