The Lane Raglan Zaaberry Style

A few weeks back, Adrianna of Crafterhours released her first pattern for women, The Lane Raglan.  I've been a huge Crafterhours fan for years and even got the opportunity to pattern test when The Greenpoint Cardigan pattern was in the making.  
So, when on the day of the pattern release Adrianna said that 100% of the proceeds that day would go to charity, I absolutely couldn't say no.  
This yellow version was the first one I made, and in typical fashion, I put my own twist on the pattern.
 I wanted a shirt that was a little more tunic-like and made an asymmetrical hem.  The fabric is a heavyish weight knit. It's super comfortable, but the fabric isn't my favorite.  You can't see it so well in the picture, but the face of the fabric is kind of fuzzy and not so great looking.
 I do like the way it looks from the back.  Guess I'll just have to walk around backwards.

My next Lane Raglan I did a pattern mix-up and used the Lane for the top of a Lady Skater.  If you're a frequent Zaaberry reader, you know how much I LOVE the Lady Skater Dress Pattern.
This version is nice, comfy, and very wearable.  I think I shortened the bodice a bit, and didn't use the elastic at the bottom.  The fabric is heavy enough that it didn't need it.  And though it does help stabilize the seam, I found that it's kind of pokey on the my other dresses.  So I was glad I didn't need it this time around.
I'm going to need to learn about a swayback adjustment.  The back puckers on all my dresses...
Any good tips?


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on your sewing! :0)

    Your fabric "puckers" because there is too much of it. You need to "pinch out" a pleat there on the one you don't like so much to figure out how much to remove and then you'll see no more puckers! Ta da! Nice to have a sewing community at home huh? LOL

    Again nice job!!

    1. I use clear elastic... especially with shoulder seams to help with not stretching out of shape. Learned that from Nancy Zieman. She had an episode called "Elastics: Stretch your options" helped me alot!

  2. fabulous (as usual! :-)
    Regarding the elastic at the waist - I add it (very carefully keeping within the seam allowance) on the right side - that way when you sew the top to the skirt - the elastic ends up between the layers and not next to your skin (or your iron, so you melt it when you press our seams.Not that I would know anything about that ;-)
    ~ Tracy

  3. I need to do the swayback adjustment too. Amanda has a good tutorial for it on her blog. Now I just need to DO it. These are so super cute!

  4. Love the shape and color of the yellow one! Too bad it got pilly- that's one of my pet peeves.