Dress Pockets - TUTORIAL & PATTERN

 I've been making dresses like a crazy lady lately.  Using my Jersey Dress Tutorial as a starting point, I've made a couple different versions and finally tackled pockets!  It's actually easier than it looks. 

 First, download pocket pattern HERE 
(this pattern works great for me, you may need to alter to fit your hands or skirt)

Cut 4 pocket pieces total, 2 sets of 2 on folded fabric so they are mirror images of each other.

Lay your skirt front out in front of you.

 With right sides together, lay 1 pocket piece on each side of the skirt, making sure the top and sides lines up. Pin in place and fold the skirt in half so that you cut both pockets evenly.  Draw a nice curve and cut through all 4 layers of fabric.
 When you open up the skirt, it should look about like this.
 Sew along the curved edge.
 Turn pocket to the wrong side and press well.
 Here's what it looks like on the wrong side of the skirt front.

 Lay the corresponding pocket piece on top of the sewn pocket, right sides together.  Pin through just the pocket layers.  Sew from the top to the side.
 That's pretty much it!  You can top stitch the pocket edge if you like.  Finish your skirt or dress and enjoy your new pockets!


  1. Super cute!!!!! Love the fabric, too.

  2. This version is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. So cute! Is this polka dot version in knit, as well? It looks like a cotton. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. It is a knit, but it doesn't have a lot of stretch, so I made it using a pattern I had for a woven. It's first time I've ever done it, and it worked beautifully!

  4. Thank you so much,i am sewing right away.

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial !,I love the look of dresses with pockets like this and i made my own using this tutorial. It really is easier than it looks and i will definitely be using it again.

  6. Easier than I thought. Thank you for the tutorial

  7. I am planning on making a casual version of a cocktail dress I drafted, and I wanted to add pockets just like this. Thank you so much for the tutorial. It's really easy to follow and I should have no problems at all.