Dress Obsessed and a Tutorial Preview

I've been totally dress obsessed here lately and somehow, I just found out about the Summer of No Pants sewalong.  I didn't officially join, but all this time, I've been playing along and didn't know it.
Summer for me is all about skirts and dresses.
 While working out all the details of my Jersey Dress tutorial, I really came to understand basic, and I mean basic, knit dress construction.  I didn't realize it could be so easy.  I've made a few for the girl.

And a matching one for myself.  As an aside, she actually wanted me and her to wear our matching dresses when I volunteered for field day at her school.  How long do you think that will last?
 A fun black and white chevron version.
 Mustard stripes with a cool back cutout.
 I'm not gonna lie, there are a few more that I didn't have time to photograph.  It's really fun.  Once you've got the basic pattern, you can pretty much cut and finish a dress in 3 hours or less.
 And just this weekend, I figured out, POCKETS!  I think my life may be complete.  Dresses with pockets!

Tutorial coming soon.  

If you haven't checked out my Jersey Dress Tutorial, go do it now.  Then you'll be ready and can make yours with pockets too!


  1. Awesome dresses! I assume the mustard stripe is from Girl Charlee, what fabric is it?

    1. It is Girl Charlee. It's the old version of their mustard stripe, not the bright. I didn't see it on their website, so maybe they aren't carrying it anymore. This is the new fabric: http://www.girlcharlee.com/bright-mustard-and-ivory-stripe-cotton-jersey-knit-fabric/girl-charlee-p-7085.html

  2. awesome dresses! I was about to ask where the knit came from-- have to order from girl charlee!