Oilcloth Zip Pouch TUTORIAL

On my most recent trip to IKEA I picked up a yard of this great oilcloth for only $3.50, which ended up being perfect for a little zip pouch.  To make your own, first download the pattern here
For the pouch you'll need, some oilcloth for the exterior, a quilting cotton for the interior, and a 7inch zipper.
Here are the cut pieces with some extra rectangles for an optional zipper tabs.

If you are going to make the zipper tabs, cut 2 rectangles of oilcloth that are 2 inches by 2.5 inches.  Fold as shown, sew on the end of the zipper, then trim the excess. 

 Lay the right side of zipper down on right side of exterior piece and the right side of the lining on top of that.  Using your zipper foot, sew a 1/2 inch seam across all 3 layers.
Here's what it looks like when you unfold the pieces.
 Do the same for the other side of the zipper.  Again, lay the right side of zipper on the right side of the exterior piece and the right side of the lining piece on top.  Again, sew a 1/2inch seam across. 
 Fold it all back and top-stitch along zipper.
Match up the lining and exterior pieces as shown.  Sew around all sides, leaving an opening for turning in the lining.
To box out the corners, match the side seam to the bottom seam and sew across with a 1/2 inch seam.  Do this for all 4 corners.

 This is what it should look like a this point.  Turn the bag right side out, close the opening you left for turning either by sewing it by hand, or making a little seam with your machine. 

Finished pouch measures approximately 8"x4"x2.5"

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  1. Bellissimo tutorial! Grazie!

  2. This is a very good, clear tutorial. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be checking out the fabrics at Ikea the next time I'm there.

  3. Very nice zipper tutorial! Many thanks, will be using it for my puffy pouch!

  4. very beautiful tutorial. I'll try to do
    Thanks so much!

  5. Beautiful post! Keep it coming. :) Looking forward to see more.

  6. Awesome! I have to confess that I am zipper phobic. But you make it sound very simple, and not scary at all. I think I'll just try it. Thanks!

  7. Wondered if there was a trick to making the side work better. When sewing the lining, then onto the oilcloth at the side seams was problematic. The tabs on the zipper seemed to be in the way and way too bulky. When turned right side out, ends of zipper were bunched up. Not sure what I may have done wrong.