My Washi Dress

I finally finished my Washi Dress and I have but one photo to show.  I was actually trying to get my face in this one, but my tripod and my son weren't cooperating.  I don't know how people get such great photos.  The hubs tries, but I'll be honest, I'm kind of picky.  
So, here are the deets:
  • I cut an XS and sewed it up as instructed.  The result for me is a bit big.  Next time I'll take it in and probably make it narrower
  • The fabric is a 100% cotton, lightweight denim 
  • I used a topstitch needle and topstitch thread to add some detailing.  Would be awesome if I had an up close pic, but I don't....
 Anyway, I love the pattern.  It's gotten a bit cold here, so I'll need to be sporting this one with some tights and a sweater. 


  1. cute! I should add it to my pile of patterns to get

  2. very cute! i wish i was an XS...

  3. Wow... I love. Might have to try it myself:)

  4. WOW so beautiful dress. I think is so cute denim with red detail *-*

  5. I feel so silly, but I never knew they had needles and thread designed specifically for topstitching. I guess you really do learn something new every day! I love your Washi, it's very versatile and you can wear it year round :)


    1. I didn't know until very recently. My friend Roselee of www.roseleej.blogspot.com told me about the needles. I always wondered why my topstitching didn't quite pop the way it does on some store-bought clothing. Now we know!

  6. OH so great!! Love this Ruby!! Nice job, and I love it with the red beads. Totally know how it goes with the husband taking pics, heee....


  7. What a great version of the washi! I love the color for fall. I also wanted to ask you about your knit tops--(like the one you did for the spring top sew along)--the hems look really good. No stretching or waving that I could see. Do you use a walking foot or any other techniques? that is the worst part of sewing with knits, for me!