Super Easy Flower Pin

The little girl in my house has discovered tutus. Though I still can't get her to take a dance class (anybody else with a shy kid out there), I'm hooked on making her these tutus and pretty flower pins.

This flower pin could not possibly be easier. All you need is a fake flower, a pin, some felt scraps and a glue gun.

First, deconstruct the flower (this is easier than you might think)

Here are the parts.

When the flower is deconstructed, glue the petal layers together if they aren't already.

For this one I wanted to reuse the center, so I cut off the stem part and glued it back to the center.

I added a leaf to the back and glued on a pin.

Glue on a little felt scrap to extra secure the pin.

I'm totally addicted! It's so easy and the flowers are so pretty.

The perfect addition to a pretty tutu on a pretty girl.

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea. I bought a little tutu outfit for my 2 year old daughter and she will love to hame little flowers on it.
    P.S. She's into Tinker Bell right now, So this will be so Fun.
    Thanks Zaaberry!