Kitchen Towels

A good friend of mine just moved back to the east coast from California and I wanted to make her a simple housewarming present. These towels are really easy to make and who doesn't love a pretty kitchen towel?

I measured a towel I had, added 1 inch to each side, then used this tutorial to do the mitered corners.

Added some twill tape at the corner.



  1. oww, great tut, thanks! love the fabric too, very cute.

  2. I love the cute towels, but I can't figure out why you put twill tape on the corner? Just curious.

  3. Those are GREAT! What weight/type of fabric did you use?

  4. I have always wanted to make kitchen towels, but never can find the right fabric...where did you find it?

  5. Thanks for the comments! Mary, I put the twill tape at the corner as another way to hang it up.

    Crafty Farmer and Mookie's mom, I used home dec weight fabric I got at Joanns Fabrics. You need to wash it a few times before it's absorbent.

    It's very easy! Let me know if you make some!

  6. Thanks Ruby, I had no idea that would work!
    Going to be making some of these for sure!

    I hope you can come by this Sun from 3-5 to check out the fabrics from the fabric co-op-they are so beautiful! Lots of home dec weight...


  7. Beautiful and so simple! I love the fabric you used.