Diaper Changing Set Tutorial - Part 1

On one of my many trips to the fabric store, I picked up this great green, sort of houndstooth, flannel in the remnants bin. 1 yard for $1.50....I just couldn't resist. Lately I'm feeling like the last thing I need is more fabric, so today I pulled it out and decided to make a diaper changing set. Lots of my friends are pregnant, and I'm sure one of them would love this little set.

Here's what you need to make your own:

Changing Pad
fabric 14" x 20", cut 2
vinyl 14" x 20, cut 1
2 yards of 1/2" double fold bias tape

Lay out the fabric rectangles with wrong sides together and place the vinyl on top. Machine baste along the shorter sides to keep everything in place.

Starting in the middle of one of the sides, sew on the bias tape by placing the fabric/vinyl sandwich in the middle and sewing along the edge of the tape. Make sure you are catching both sides as you sew. This is not the "proper" way to sew bias tape, but it works and is quicker than the "proper" way.

Dana over at Made just had 2 nice posts on making your own bias tape and the proper and "cheating" way to sew bias tape.

To miter the corners, sew to the end of the side. Turn your bias tape and fold over at the corner.

Continue to sew all the way around, finishing the corners the same way. When you get to where you started, fold under the raw edge and cover your starting point.

There you have it! A great, wipeable changing pad. Easy, peasy. I'm ready for bed, so I'll show you the diaper/wipes pouch in my next post.


  1. if our vinyl is not see through can we get away with using only one piece of fabric? The vinyl I got is opaque white with a batting on the back to give it some padding. Thanks!

  2. That is what i am doing I have this adorable Zebra print vinyl!

  3. Yay:-) I got 1 1/2 yd remnant for 1.16$, and a 14 by 56" remnant of clear vinyl for .60cents today!!! Making my changing pad CRAZY cheap..the bias tape cost more than anything, but at under 4$ for a changing pad and matching case, I'm more than thrilled! Thanks for to tutorial!