A Towel Set

This weekend when I was at my in-laws' house, I got an idea for a Christmas present.

They keep separate towels for drying hands, dishes, and fruits and veggies. Not sure why, any ideas? Anyway, it gave me an idea for an easy present.

I picked up this set of 5 towels for $4 at Target.

I happened to have some of this iron on transfer paper lying around. I typed up the words I wanted to use, made sure to "mirror" the image and printed it out. Then ironed it on to white fabric.

Used some fabric scraps to cover up the colored lines on the towels. There are tons of tutorials on embellishing towels with fabric, so I won't show you that here. Here are a few good links: Craftiness is Not Optional, Sutton Grace, Crafterhours, and my favorite....

Voila! A simple present in under an hour.


  1. super cute. I really like the fabric you used! the labels are ingenious too!

  2. they turned out so cute! love the fabric and labels. :D

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I might have to steal this idea - my husband's grandma is a dish vs. hand towel nazi too. (that sounded bad - I feel like I should mention that she's awesome and I love her!)

  4. Great idea! We do separate hand and dish towels . . . .mostly because not everyone around here has the same hand-washing standards and it grossed me out to think of drying clean dishes with a towel used to dry less-than-clean hands! Crazy, I know . . . not sure why I didn't think of this idea myself!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! My in-laws do the same separate hand and dish towel technique with a color-coded system. A white towel means something and a colored towel means something else... that's the problem - I always forget which color towel dries which item! So, is it bad that I'm giving them this as a gift more for myself than for them?!? :)