A New Toy...

Today we celebrated my mother in law's birthday by buying and decorating a bird tree. They don't have space in their house for a tree, and they are avid birders, so we decorate a tree with suet and birdseed and lights and bows and put it in their yard where they can enjoy it.

Where they live is fairly rural, and their yard is full of beautiful birds.

And we got the first snowfall of the year.

On the way, I made a stop to pick up my new toy.....

Hello new camera!

Bye bye old friend.


  1. ohhh, congrats! I just got the same one as a gift in May. It has been wonderful!!! Have fun with it!

  2. looks good! yay to moms braving up to use DSLRs! :)
    I own one too - Nikon D90.