A Vest with Sleeves.....aka A Jacket!

As part of the KCWC hosted by Elsie Marley, I made this fleece vest, inspired (ie copied) by one posted by Dana at MADE. It was so easy to make and so cute, that I decided to make one with sleeves.....I guess that makes it a jacket!

I pretty much did everything the same except this time I let my daughter pick the color, hence the raspberry fleece, and I added 2 pockets per her request. This one ended up a bit shorter because I goofed and attached the bottom pieces wrong...oh well, it still works.

Since it has been very rainy here, and a couple of my favorite bloggers have been posting about taking photographs recently (here and here), I used this as an opportunity to experiment.

I used Rae's tip and took pictures using a white board as the background. I tried doing it inside near a window as she suggests, but it's been so dreary that even near the window, the flash came on and I got the photo on the left. I then took my board outside on my deck and got the picture on the right with no flash. It's amazing the difference!

Just to see what how it would look, I took a picture how I normally do, with the jacket laid out on my deck. The lighting is the same, so no flash, but it's amazing how the dark background changes the color! Anyway, it's fun to play around and see what you get.


  1. Love the jacket it's super cute and wow what a difference the lighting and background can make to a photo. I really want to work on taking better photos.

  2. oooh, love this post! great comparisons!!!