A Vest for the Boy

The fall weather is in full swing and the kids and I have been decked out in our vests. My son has been wearing this old vest that is a hand-me-down from his sister and really starting to be too small......but I LOVE it!

So, since the vest I made for my daughter was such a success, I decided to try my hand at a boy's vest. This posed a challenge since the one thing I avoid like the plague is sewing zippers.

I had this old blanket I'd found when cleaning out a closet. Yes, we had a Patriots blanket for our babies.....yes, we love football.....

And here's what it became....

I don't love the way this came out, it's okay. It's been worn and it's functional, but not exactly what I was going for. Oh well....sewing for boys is sometimes harder than it should be.


  1. I'm just poking around here--I found you on Made by Rae--and I think this is darling!

  2. I also found you via Rae... I love the sweater hats! I struggled for several years to find good boy fabric. My son is a little older now and doesn't really want me to sew for him anymore. :(

    As for zippers - I too use to avoid them. And then I found Wash away Wonder Tape!!! It is the BEST thing EVER! Zippers are so easy now! Well, easy may be a bit of an over statement. But, I can actually put one in and have it look good.

  3. Hi and thanks for the comments! I'll have to try this "wash away wonder tape". Other zipper-phobes must know about it.....maybe I'll do a post on it.