Winter Hats from Old Sweaters

I wish I had taken before pictures of the sweaters that these hats came from, but I was way too excited to cut them up and make these hats.

I've been experimenting with hats these days and was inspired by this post by Rae. I brought my experimental hat over to a friend's house on Friday to try on her kids' heads' just to get a sense for size. As many of my friends know, I have a really small head and usually HAVE to buy kids hats for myself, so it's really hard for me to judge size. Anyway, C loved the hat I made and sent me home with 2 of her husband's sweaters.

I used this pattern from Martha Stewart and used the sweater for the outside and a cotton knit for the inside. I decided not to the do straps and added a bird applique with felt on one hat and these beautiful sweater roses to the other.

Sorry, a little out of focus! These roses are so beautiful and so easy to make. I was inspired by this project and tutorial.

I even got my almost (1 week to go!) 4 year old to model.

I hope Matt doesn't miss his sweaters! What do you think?

Look for more of these in my shop soon!


  1. Love these! I was going to try out that pattern, but didn't have a good way of enlarging it at home. How much did you enlarge and about what size did it make? These turned out really great!

  2. Will I need to add a seam allowance to the martha stewart pattern?