This too shall pass....

My kids started at a new preschool today and we all had a pretty tough day. Despite all our visits and mental prep, it was very hard for them to say goodbye for a whole day with kids and adults they don't know. It was hard for me to see them having a hard time, and ultimately we all had a VERY emotional and draining day. Oh joy, we get to do it all over again tomorrow! In the long run, I know they will get over it and it will be great for them. It's a great place with wonderful teachers and fun kids....but in the short term, it's tearing my heart to pieces to see my babies having a hard time. Alas....

They had a long list of items they needed to bring to school, including a nap-time blanket and pillow. So I figured it would be a good excuse to make them something to remind them of me and my sewing obsession.

For the blankets I used the Beginner's Baby Blanket #3 tutorial.

These blankets were very easy to put together and came out so wonderful! I used a quilting weight cotton on one side and a soft flannel on the other. I made the bias tape using this tutorial, though I have to admit, I found it easier to just do it the old fashioned way. I ended up having to take my trapezoid tube apart multiple times because I kept putting it together wrong. It wasn't the instructions, they are fine, it's just me. Sometimes I'm very spatially challenged. :)

I also made some cute matching pillowcases. I bought some travel size pillows at Target and sort of used this tutorial on Made, though I think it was more inspiration and less actual following of instructions. My pillows are smaller and I used flannel for the border. Pillowcases are so easy to do and as she shows, can be really fun and add a pop of color to a room.

So even though I was armed with all my homemade bedding, my kids still struggled today. Let's hope tomorrow goes better!


  1. Sending good thoughts to everyone today!
    The bedding is adorable!

  2. Sorry to hear they are having a hard time! That is so hard! At least they have the cutest bedding! I had fun with that pillow tutorial as well-so cute!
    Henry started school yesterday for the first time and did well so far!
    Here's to hoping things get better!