The Taste of Summer

Summer is in full swing and our house is overflowing with delicious ripe vegetables and herbs. I saw this great recipe for a savory galette on my NFB (New Favorite Blog) Prudent Baby. I mostly followed her recipe, but made a few slight changes.

CRUST Recipe:
1 c. all purpose white flour
1/2c. whole wheat flour
1/4tsp salt
8tbs. (1 stick) butter, cut into pieces and chilled
1/4c. plain yogurt
2tsp. fresh lemon juice
1/4c. ice water


Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Using a pastry blender (or food processor, or just your hands) cut the butter into the flour until it resembles coarse meal. In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, lemon juice and water. Add this to the flour mixture and mix until it lumps into a ball. Wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate for 1 hour.

While the dough is chilling, prepare your filling. You could use almost an vegetable and cheese, so experiment. For this one, I decided to go pretty traditional with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

Slice tomatoes and lay out on a paper towel. Sprinkle the tops with salt to draw some of the liquid out.

Press a clove of garlic (I use a garlic shredder, but you could use a garlic press, or just finely chop) and add to a few tablespoons of olive oil.

Preheat oven to 400.

When the crust is ready, roll out into a large circle (doesn't have to be exact) about 18 inches in diameter. Spread a layer of the garlic oil with a pastry brush or the back of a spoon. Layer on your tomatoes and mozzarella leaving a 1 inch border of dough. Sprinkle with parmesean and brush with the rest of the garlic oil.

Last, pleat the edges of the galette and bake for 30-40 minutes. I baked mine on a pizza stone, but you could use any baking sheet that it fits on.

When it was done cooking, I let it cool a bit and then sprinkled fresh basil on top. It looks beautiful and tastes like summer! We had ours at room temperature with a fresh caesar salad and a glass of wine. DELICIOUS!

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