Another Dressy Dress!

Here's another Dressy Dress using Prudent Baby's pattern. This one is sized for a 1 year old and I made a few modifications. I wanted the top to be more ruffled, so I cut the sash 1.5 times the length of the top (total front and back) and then gathered it along the top. I was on the fence about adding the elastic, since making a casing would kind of ruin the gathers. So, I rummaged through my notions drawer and decided to using Fold Over Elastic (FOE) instead. I picked some up after reading about it here and here on Angry Chicken's Blog. I think usually you're supposed to "fold it over" as is suggested in the name :) but I went the unconventional route and just zig-zagged it under the gathers, to give it a gentle elasticity. Not sure if you can do this with conventional elastic.....I wasn't in the mood to experiment that much.

Looks messy here, but worked really well. Hope little Lulu likes it!


  1. this dress is PERFECT! Thank you so much Ruby!

  2. Hey Ruby, Do you ever check out decor8? I love it. There's an e-blogging class you might be interested itn, I'm thinking about it... http://www.decor8blog.com/eclasses/about.html