10 months ago, we sent our oldest child off to kindergarten.  Our tentative, quiet, little girl cried every morning for the first week.  It was a tough week.
And what feels like a short 10 months later, she's blossomed into an outgoing, curious, little chatterbox who rushes to get dressed and teeth brushed at the mere mention of missing the bus.

 It's been an amazing year and I'm so thankful for the great school and teachers we have.
So I put together some little gifts to say thank you.

I found these cute metal tins at the Dollar Store and used a  hammer and nail to poke holes in the bottom.  We bought a 6 pack of thyme and a 6 pack of oregano at our local Farmer's Market and put one of each into each tin.  
Oregano is a great container plant since it self seeds and can take over a yard in no time flat.  Better in a container than in your lawn!
I used paper, punches, and sticks that I had around the house to make the labels.  

Free printable HERE.

The least I could do to thank our teachers for helping my little girl grow.


  1. I am a teacher and I love that idea! Thoughtful, cute, and practical!

  2. I am also a teacher and love that idea. Junior high kids are into giving gift cards (starbucks being a favorite) but who is complaining? I haven't had to pay for coffee in years.
    One suggestion, if I may. Instead of punching holes in the bottom, put a layer of small stones or aquarium gravel in the container. No dish is required to catch the extra water and the water will wick up to the roots so you have to water less often. All of my house and classroom plants have been planted this way.