Stefanie's Clutch

My coworker Stefanie mentioned the other day that she was having trouble finding a clutch to match her shoes and dress for her brother's wedding. I of course said "I'll make one for you!" It was a fun project to work on, took very little time, and she and I were both very happy with the results. Here's what I did.....

I used a free pattern on the Kwik Sew website, and this tutorial from noodlehead
, which I had used before to make this clutch.

I cut out the pattern pieces as described, except for the front I cut a large rectangle about twice the width of the clutch front.

I did a gather along the top edge (2 parallel rows of stitching set at the longest stitch length), and ironed the gathers flat.

Then, I ironed the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric and cut around the edge to get make the gathered front of the clutch.

I finished it up following the instructions and then added a "
glamour ring" to match her shoes.

I'm sure Stefanie will be VERY glamorous with this clutch.....and those shoes!

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