Back to School // Perfect Little Lunch Bag Sewing Pattern

Oh my goodness, this summer seems to have flown by.  We've got a couple weeks left and I've been making new lunch bags for both my kids and my etsy shop.  I got a great tip from my friend Roselee of Jane of All Trades that makes sewing the handles much easier.
Instead of sewing the handles to the exterior fabric a few inches down from the top, she lined up the raw edges of the handles (3 inches in from each side) with the top raw edge and then sewed the zipper right on top.
  The result is a much neater looking front and this technique saves a lot of time!  Genius!  Thanks Roselee!
  Last year, I had my kids lunch bags embroidered at a local shop.  This time around I decided to use my Silhouette Portrait and black and white heat transfer vinyl instead.  I really like how it looks and this way and they definitely won't get mixed up with other kids lunch bags.
You can find the instant download of my sewing pattern HERE in my shop.
 Don't want to sew your own?  I've got a couple of lunch bags listed in my shop and I'm also taking a few custom orders.
My favorite thing about my lunch bags is the fact that they are totally machine washable.  My kids used theirs for a full school year and I'm sure they got washed a least a dozen times.  The fabric color faded, but other than that, they held up great.  Something about a dirty, smelly, lunch box really grosses me out.  I'm never going back to store bought!


  1. These are so cool and great tip on installing handles near the zip. I agree about the shop bought lunch bags, they get stinky and greasy so quickly!!

  2. Great tip on sewing on handles. These bags are cute. Yes, summer is flying by so fast. Hard to believe school will be starting soon around here.
    Susanne :)

  3. I love the handle sewing tip! I haven't made many bags but I'm going to keep that in mind for my next one :0)