Triangle Quilt // SeeKateSew Tutorial

 My sister's baby girl is due to arrive any day now.  Back in March I threw her a baby shower and go to give her all the handmade goodies I'd been working on.
 I wanted to make some kind of blanket, though I'm not really a quilter at heart.  I saw a tutorial at See Kate Sew for a modern triangle quilt and it felt like just my kind of project.  I ended up making mine a lot smaller since I thought such a large quilt might not be so useful for a baby.  I downloaded the pattern, cut all my triangles, laid them all out and started sewing.  When I got ready to sew one row to the next, I kind of scratched my head and thought I had done something wrong.  It seemed like there is not way to sew triangles together and get, TRIANGLES!
 I kept sewing because after cutting all those triangles, there's really no turning back.  A few weeks later, an updated pattern came out that actually makes triangles!  The updated pattern is here.  Too late for me.
 I made a nursing pillow cover and basket liner as well.  They all look so pretty together.  I wasn't sure about the fabric, but I think it works.
 I wish I had the time and energy to sew this kind of stuff for my babies.  Can't wait to meet my new baby niece!

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