New Cutting Tool // New Cutting Technique

 I just recently started following the Brindille and Twig blog because I love their patterns so much.  A recent post sent me to this video which is a basic tutorial on fabric cutting.  The takeaway for me was less about the layout and more about the tool.  I've never attempted to use a rotary cutter to cut anything but straight lines.  Typically I lay my pattern out, trace with marker, then cut with scissors.  
 Since the video made it look so easy, I picked up a small rotary cutter for under $20 and decided to give it a try.  I will tell you, I will never go back!  Not only does this take less time, but it is so much more accurate.
 So fun and exciting to learn something new.


  1. I didn't know you could get small rotary cutters!! I have just used my normal sized one to cut curves and it can be awkward at times so a small one would be so much better! I might have to look for one. :-)

  2. So many people use this technique but it scares me a little. I may have to find an off cut and give it a try. I do only have a big wheel though.

  3. I love using a rotary cuter whenever possible (and if the pattern piece will fit on my 24x36 cutting mat - it's possible ;-) (I often still trace the pattern onto my fabric first. Sometimes I'm in too big of a rush though)
    To your readers who don't have a rotary cutter yet, may I recommend the Olfa brand? I have used a fiskars cutter for years, and a year or two ago I bought a small olfa cutter for a paper piecing project (this one, if you care to know :-) http://pursuingjoy.blogspot.com/2014/04/poetry-in-fabric.html )
    Oh my word - that Olfa blade cuts so much more nicely than the Fiskars! I have since replaced my 45mm with an Olfa as well. Well worth the few extra dollars in my opinion.

    Happy (easier) sewing ~ Tracy

    1. I see that Wawak has their Olfa products on sale right now http://www.wawak.com/products/search.cfm?KEYS=olfa&x=0&y=0
      I hope you don't mind my sharing. (I have no affiliation with either Wawak or Olfa ~ I'm just a happy customer :-)