Handmade Oktoberfest Costumes

 Last year we got invited to an Oktoberfest party at our neighbor's house.  The invitation said "lederhosen optional".  Knowing my neighbor, I should have known he was joking!  Everyone was dressed up, except for us.  This year, I was determined to get us all dressed for the occasion.
 The kids outfits were pretty easy.  I made a simple elastic waist skirt for my daughter.  I used this tutorial for the waist and drafter the rest of the skirt from a skirt from my daughter's closet.  I added a simple rectangular apron and finally used some of the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine.
 The top is another rectangle with straps and a velcro closure a the back.  I used a narrow bias tape for the lacing on the front.
 The boys' outfits were even easier.  I bought each a pair of pants at the thrift store ($2 each!), cut them into shorts, and used the extra fabric to make the decorative pieces.  For the little boy, I used black elastic for the straps.
 I used felt for the embellishments and hot glued them in place.
Since I am the seamstress, I decided to use an actual pattern for my dress.  I bought McCalls M6187.  Be fore-warned if you are considering this pattern, the envelope is deceiving.  The envelope makes it look like the pattern includes both adult and children's sizes.  So the first time around, I just grabbed one, not realizing that it was only kids sizes.  Had to go back and get the adult size pattern.

I made a few modifications to the pattern to make it more flattering on my small frame.  I took quite a bit of fullness out of the skirt, cut the apron smaller and drafted my own, less full sleeve.  The bodice is fully lined and was a bit of a challenge.  Ultimately I figured it out and really like the dress.

 We had a great time at the party and made a pretty cute German family.

Unfortunately, I couldn't convince the kids to use these costumes for Halloween too.  And, though I planned on wearing my dress for Halloween, it most likely will be waaaay too cold.  So my husband and I are planning on being popcorn and a stick of butter.  Gotta get working on that....


  1. Oh my goodness ~ aren't ya'll so cute?!!


  2. I love how the clothing came out. Enjoy your bratwurst.

  3. I'm attempting to make this pattern and I'm going insane. The lining part of the bodice is just not working out. I saw you said that it was a struggle, but you figured it out. Is there an error in the pattern picture or should I just keep trying to make it match?

    1. There wasn't an error in the pattern, but it was VERY confusing. I think I finally figured it out by paying extra close attention to the right and wrong sides of the fabric in the printed diagrams. Since my fabric was the same color on both side, I ended up marking right and wrong sides and then finally, it made sense. Sorry I can't be more helpful! Good luck!