Comfy Coral Cowl // Lane Raglan

 Can you say it three times fast?  Comfy coral cowl?
Fall is in full swing and it's time to get out the warm and comfy.  I recently tried on a cowl-neck sweatshirt that I really liked, but only came in gray and black.  I'm a girl that loves colors and thought, I bet I can make this.
 I used the Lane Raglan pattern from Hey June as my starting point. My pattern is cut out as an extra small, but for this I added a little width and length for a looser fit.
 I also tried to angle the hem from the back to front.  The goal was a fit that would cover my bum.  It's a personal preference, but I pretty much will only wear leggings if my bum is covered.  Mission accomplished here.
 The fabric I used is a sort of micro fleece.  It's super soft and stretchy, but wasn't easy to sew with.  The cut edges curled quite a bit and made it difficult to sew the bottom band and neck.  Overall, I think it's cute and it's definitely comfortable.  Now I'm on the hunt for a better fabric for my next one.  I'm thinking french terry.  Any suggestions?


  1. Very cute - and you match Miss M. from the previous post! :)

  2. Cute! I love the color you chose, and that you made it longer. I might have to give that pattern a try!

  3. This is what I get for being lazy about reading blogs!! I miss all the good stuff! This looks great, and so crazy comfy too. I have a couple new patterns coming out soon if you're interested in testing.... ;)