Back To School Boys Necktie

 I can't believe I haven't had a post up since mid-August.  The end of the summer was a little crazy with last minute vacations and getting the kids ready for back to school.  My son is starting Kindergarten this year and our town has them start a week after the big kids.  So, there's been quite a bit of mommy at home time.
 I wanted to make the little guy something special for his first day and came across this Tie Tutorial from Fishsticks Designs.

These adorable ties are so easy to make.  The tutorial has instructions for a velcro neck-strap which is what I made.  I ended up making my neck-strap narrower and longer than the instructions indicated.
This guy was so cute and excited for his first day.  When he got home he told me that a teacher asked him if he was the principal.  He was pretty excited about that!  I'm thinking maybe the Star Wars tie for Monday.  
Which is your favorite?


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