Minoru Spring Jacket

I've been looking for a new Spring jacket for a while now, and haven't been able to find something that has all the features I really want; zipper front, hood, and pockets.  I've seen so many Minoru jackets and thought maybe this pattern might fit the bill.
I will say, it was a bit of an investment.  The pattern with shipping was $23.  Add in fabric and notions and the total cost was probably $50 or more. 
Though I'm not sure this finished jacket is worth the cost to me, I do like, will probably wear it, will probably make another, and it was really, really fun to sew.
 If you are considering this pattern, be advised, the pattern comes with fairly minimal instructions.  I was a little nervous when I first opened it up.  But, Tasia has a separate  post for each step on her blog, Sewaholic.  There is also a ton of info on other blogs.  This is a really popular pattern and there is a lot of advice.  The pattern doesn't have outer pockets so I used this tutorial and pattern to add in-seam pockets.
 Even though there is a ton of info about this pattern already out there, I'll throw my 2 cents in. 

  • I cut a size 2 with no changes
  • main fabric is a mid-weight cotton/poly blend
  • everything but the pockets and arms are lined with a quilting weight cotton
  • slippery, lining fabric for the pockets and arms is a must
  • I LOVE the lining, the hood, and the general fit
  • the construction is fairly easy and the end result feels really high quality.  It feels like a jacket I could have bought at a store
 Though I do really like this jacket, I have a list of dislikes as well.
  • The hood pocket seems totally unnecessary, especially since when I tucked my hood inside, it was really bulky and looked silly.  I'll always have my hood out and will eliminate the zipper next time.
  • I don't care for the in-seam pockets and will do welt pockets next time.
  • I also don't care for the elastic cuffs.  I ended up having to shorten my sleeves and next time could just hem them and eliminate the cuff altogether.
  •   Though I like the fit and look, I think I would use a narrower elastic to gather the waist. 
I think I would also make the collar a little smaller.  Here is the jacket all zipped up with the hood up.  It would make a good spy jacket.
Despite all my dislikes, I will definitely be making another.  I'm really excited to see how my next version comes out.
How many Minorus is too many? 


  1. Your jacket is beautiful. It looks awesome on you. You are a great seamtress.

  2. Dude, this is amazing. Jackets are so much work!

  3. Great jacket. It looks really well made and I love the colourful lining!

  4. It came out sooo beautiful and I looooove the color. Great job!

  5. That is awesome! I love the color/pattern choice of the liner! Great job!