Sweater Knit Lady Skater

I'm finally getting around to sharing another dress made with my favorite pattern, the Lady Skater Dress.  This is my, wow, fifth dress from this pattern.  My others are here and here and here.
I wanted a comfy, sweatery (I made up a new word), warm, dress to wear in the winter.  This dress really fit the bill.  The fabric is a sweater knit from Joanns.  I made the skirt even less full than in my previous versions  and I'm happy with the result.  I had a little trouble in the back this time around.  It's a little looser than I intended, though I'm not sure why.  I still love it and wear it a lot. 
It's been a bit warmer here than is typical and is making me think about Spring.  So I started working on a new dress that's a little outside the box for me.  It's a commercial pattern and it's a woven!

 Hopefully I'll have dress to share soon!


  1. Great looking dress! I don't have this pattern. Shame...I'm on a pattern buying fast for the year. Or, at least until I use all I already have. The silhouette is perfect for you!

  2. Your skater is awesome and you will like the Lisette. I've made view C and really like it. I also modified view A into a shirt that I love! Can't wait to see yours.

    1. How did you find the sizing? I was being good and followed the measurements and my first dress came out huge! I'm making another in the smallest size….hoping it fits!

  3. Ooo...I'm interested to see your lisette dress...I've been sitting on the me pattern for ages and need motivation to get in there. ;) good luck!

  4. This is my favourite lady skater yet - it looks really great with the raised neckline and narrower skirt! you might have inspired my next version :-)

  5. I have that pattern! Have high hopes of sewing it up someday, but the fact that it's been in my collection for over a year doesn't bode well!