My Favorite Lady Skater Dress

 And probably my last....for now.
 The fabric is a medium weight cotton lycra that I got from the Fabric Fairy a while ago.  I've been trying really hard to use fabric from my stash before buying anything new.
 The weight and stretch of the fabric is perfect for this dress.  Though I did end up having to redo the skirt.  The original was too full and the fabric didn't drape properly.
 Sewing for myself has been really fun.  At first, I really hated taking photos of myself.  But truthfully, the more I do it, the more at ease I feel.  I still don't love looking at photos of myself and wondering why I'm making silly faces.
But, it can be fun to play around with the kids and the remote which sometimes spurs some cute candid photos.  And, the boy is still wearing his Flip Vest from February.
Now that I'm done with sewing for myself for a while, I might have to make him a new one.  The next Kids Clothes Week Challenge is coming up in a few short weeks.  Are you joining in?


  1. This is my favorite too :) And seriously, that belt could not be more perfect for the awesome nautical look you have going here.

  2. This is so great! I love the stripes and I think the adjustments you made to the skirt are perfect. It drapes just right. I've been eyeing the Lady Skater Dress pattern for a while now, and this is making me want it even more! And I love your little guy's vest, too. The contrast buttons are great!

  3. Really nicely done. I love the stripes, too. Great make!!! Mary