Girls 2-Piece Swimsuit - TUTORIAL & PATTERN

The stars aligned and I finally got the time to put it together.  As promised, here is an updated and upsized pattern and tutorial.  Please refer to my original swimsuit post for more info.
This pattern is a two-piece and fits my tall and skinny, almost 7 year old, well.

You will need:
approximately 1/2 yard of swimsuit fabric
approximately 1/2 yard of swimsuit lining fabric
2-3 yards, 1/4 inch elastic
optional - contrasting swimsuit fabric

Seam Allowance = 1/2 inch

Download and print pattern HERE.
 Cut 1 front and 1 back of swimsuit top.  I typically only line the front, so I just cut 1 lining piece for the top.  Layer the pieces as shown, and sew down each side.
 My daughter is a big fan of ruffles, so I just gathered up a piece of fabric, hemmed it, and sewed it across the top.
 Cut a strip of fabric that is 1/2 inch wide (you don't have to use a contrasting fabric) and sew to the right side at the top.  Sew a piece of elastic on top of that.
 Pull the fabric tight over the elastic and to the wrong side and top-stitch.
 Trim the excess on the inside....hopefully more neatly than I did :)
 Measure around the back of the swimsuit top, from arrow to arrow.  Add about 16 inches to that measurement. Cut another strip of swimsuit fabric (again, doesn't have to be contrasting) that is 1.5 inches wide by your back measurement plus 16 inches.  With the strip centered so that an equal amount (should be about 8 inches) is extending from each top point, sew around the top of the suit.  Sew elastic on top of that.  
 Topstitch (I used a zigzag stitch for extra stretch) and trim the same way you did before.
 Have your little on try on the top and figure out how long you want the straps to be and sew to center back to secure and hem the bottom of the swimsuit top.
 Now for the bottoms.  Cut both front and back bottom pieces from main fabric and lining.  Sew crotch and side seams.
 Put them together with wrong sides together.  I like to sew the lining and main fabric together at the top and leg opening because the fabric is so slippery, it helps to keep it in place and I'm really bad about pinning.
 With the lining facing out, sew elastic around the top and each leg opening.  For the top and the front of the leg openings, I don't stretch the elastic at all, just sew it flat.  For the butt, you want to stretch it slightly.  This will help the bottom turn in and hug the bum nicely.  Turn the bottoms right side out, fold the elastic to the inside and topstitch.  I used a twin needle for topstitching the bottoms.
 Considering I rushed through this one, it came out pretty great.
 Miss M. was happy.  She really prefers a two-piece for the bathroom convenience.  And, she shares my love of stripes.


  1. what a beautiful model she is! Nice suite!! I want one!

  2. It came out really nice. Just shared it on facebook and now I'm pinning it all over the pinterest.

  3. Oh thanks! I just made your original 5 year old pattern for my 5 year old but added to the seam allowance to make it fit better. I'm going to make it again for my 3.5yr old and remove some from the seam allowance this time. And make this version for my 5 year old too. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. Where do you buy bathing suit material and lining?

  5. Can you provide her approximate measurements? I'd like to make one for my niece and I have her waist, hip, and chest measurements but am not sure how it compares to the size your pattern was made for. Thanks!