Mustaches and Motivation

 Mustaches are huge lately, though I'll be honest and say I don't quite get it.  They're cute, but I guess it's over my head. 
 I've been in a bit of a sewing slump lately.  A few failed projects coupled with nice weather = lack of motivation.  I have not however lost the motivation to fabric shop.  So to justify my recent Girl Charlee order, I added this mustache fabric to my cart under the guise of making some new boy clothes.  I made this cute newborn onesie as well.
The hubby is heading out to play music with the guys tonight, so I'm hoping once the kids are in bed, my mojo will return.  I've got some fun ideas....stay tuned and wish me luck.


  1. Failed projects always put me in a funk, too! But, kid's clothing is so easy and quick that I find it's a good way to jump start my motivation--hope you can get it going again! Good luck!

  2. Your latest makes are so cute - I don't get the moustache thing either but it works very well on this top and I'm sure your son thinks it's super cool!

  3. Love the mustache shirt! :)