Another Simplicity 2226 - Summer Skirt for Me

 I recently got an email from a reader who'd seen this skirt I made and was wondering how I'd modified the pattern.  I used Simplicty 2226, and actually made a muslin, something I almost never do.  I've learned that for me, store bought patterns never fit right.  The muslin was really, really poofy, too big even though I'd used and followed my measurements, and altogether unflattering.  But, I thought that I might be able to make some simple modifications and in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work!
 I love this skirt and it's probably the first thing I made for myself that I actually wear a lot.  So, in case it helps, here's how I modified the pattern.  
  I cut a size 12, but ended up using a size 6 band.  I cut about 3 inches out of the center of the front, which ends up being 6 inches since it's cut on the fold.

I did the same on both back pieces. Since I took a lot of the poof out of the skirt, it needed to be wider at the bottom so I cut the sides to be more A-line rather than straight.
I kept the gathers just in the front middle, and very little gather in the back.  The invisible zipper always gives me trouble.  Anybody know of a good tutorial for putting in invisible zippers? 
I love, love, LOVE my new skirt!  And if it ever gets warm here in MA, I'm sure I'll wear it a ton.
 I bought this fabric last summer when my husband and I were in NYC with this skirt in mind...almost a year later, here it is. 
Lastly, the requisite photo with my face.  Trying not to laugh at myself....


  1. Very cute skirt! I love the color. I like the gathering detail you created on the front of the waistband with the modifications. For invisible zippers I refer to this tutorial, every time, because I can never remember the correct steps :)

    It even uses your regular zipper foot- no special foot required.

  2. Your skirts are beautiful! I love the panel at the top. Your post makes me want to give this a try.

  3. The skirt is beautiful, I love the little gathers at the at the front and the polka dot facing, so simple and beautiful! I bet it will get lots of wear.

  4. Really good job on the skirt. A years a long time to wait, but hey at least you took your time& did it right. <3


  5. I love the color its so springy!

  6. That was me who e-mailed you! Today I hopped online to look again at some skirts to sew--and you've come through for me by presenting the most.perfect.skirt.ever. I wasn't quite sure how to alter the pattern, so thank you thank you thank you for giving me such a good visual! You are awesome!

    1. Well, I should thank you too! You reminded me how much I love this skirt and that I had planned to make another. Glad we could help each other out ;)