Pajama Day

My son's preschool does some fun activities for the month of March, the first of which is pajama day.  A great excuse to make some new PJS.  I found these great flannel prints at Joann's and used Dana's Basic Kid Pant Tutorial and Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee for the shirt.

 Dana's tutorial includes a PDF pattern that's sized at 2T-3T, but for my skinny boy was almost a 4T.  I laid a pair of his pants on top of the pieced pattern before cutting and just added a little bit to the top.  I actually made the legs a bit skinnier as well.  I've used the pattern before and remembered that the pants were a bit wide in the leg for my taste. 
 It was so great to have both these patterns right at my finger tips.  I have both size ranges for Rae's tee pattern and I use them regularly.  Definitely worth the investment.
 The boy was very happy with his new PJs.  He put them on in the afternoon for the photo shoot, and wanted to take them off before dinner because he didn't want them to get dirty.
What a ham!  Love this pose.


  1. these are so cute Ruby! Love the overall look and the fabrics. He seems happy too :)