I've been trying to be better lately about not buying clothing that I won't or don't wear.  I love clothes and I'm often swayed by a good deal.  So, in an effort to be more economical, I went through my closet and tried to come up with ways to refashion things I have.  

I have a wonderful and expensive down coat that I bought years ago when I worked at an outdoor clothing store.  It's really great quality, but there are things about it I no longer love.  

 I found some cheap faux fur and decided to add some fur trim to the hood.  I also wanted to get rid of the snaps that I never use and don't really like.
 I cute a strip 4 inches wide, pinned it to the right side of the hood an sewed it in place with the ends folded up.
I folded the trim to the right side and topstitched.  It looks much better in real life that this picture shows, and now I love my coat again.
 This sweater refashion was really easy and I really love my "new" sweater.  The neck on the original was just too big and the fit overall was reminiscent of maternity clothing aka not very flatteringAll I did for this one was to move some hidden snaps from the turtle-neck to the neck center, fold the turtle-neck down and move the buttons to the other side of the newly created collar. I sewed up the sides a bit to make it a little more fitted.  So much more wearable.


  1. Great job on the hood and sweater. I need to start thinking of how I can change clothing instead of not being happy with the fit and tossing it. Love the colour of that sweater, btw.

  2. Very simple,but it looks great.

  3. Great Job! I am not a hood person so probably will never do that one (plus I moved from ME to Texas and would have no need!) But that sweater is so cute. I think I need to think refashion with some of my things before I toss them.

  4. Well done - love them both! The hood especially. Who knew such a simple change would make that big of a difference?

  5. oh my gosh....can you go through my closet too? I need some "new" clothes! :)

  6. Nicely done! I love the new looks! You are braver than I am! Although, I suppose if I am not wearing something because it is unattractive.... there's not much to lose! :)