DIY St. Patrick's Day Garland

I'm not typically big on decorating for holidays.  It feels like by the time I get something out, it's time to put it away and get out another set of decorations.  We missed the boat on Valentine's Day.  But, since we're home for February break, I thought it might be time we made a St. Patrick's Day garland.
 I grabbed my big bag of felt scraps and pulled out all the green shades and some white.  I punched out a cardboard circle and my daughter and I got to work tracing and cutting.  We cut 47 circles, then laid them out in a random pattern.
 I stacked them up in order, which was really helpful when it came time to sew.  I didn't have to worry about the pattern.  Just grab the circle on top and sew.
 I left just a tiny bit of space in between each circle.  I've seen these kinds of garlands done many times, but never actually done it myself. So easy.
So pretty.
Reminds me of Spring.
Guess I can keep it up for a while beyond St. Patty's Day.  Definitely my kind of decorating.


  1. I'm thinking with a couple of yellow circles added in it would be reminiscent of daffodils and very, very springy indeed! What a brilliant idea. I might get my girls going on one of those - an ideal project for learning to use a machine, maybe?

  2. Great minds think alike!

    1. So true! Your Valentine's garland is so pretty. We figured since we didn't get it together to make a Valentine's one, might as well do a St. Patty's/Spring garland. Gives me and excuse to leave it up longer.