New Apron for ME!

I've been in a bit of a sewing slump lately.  When I actually have the time to spend with my machine, I get overwhelmed with all the projects floating around in my head and end up doing nothing.  Ever feel like that?
Well, maybe it's because it's the first day of vacation or maybe it's because I got a few things checked off the list, but I finally just sat down and sewed something.

I've been wanting to make a new apron for a while and have gone back and forth on what pattern to use.... So today, I sat down and just made it up as I went.  I held the fabric up to my body, cut, gathered, did it all on the fly.  It was so much fun!  I ended up with an apron I love and a renewed creativity and energy.
So, here's to a relaxing and renewing holiday.


  1. bardzo ładny fartuch, wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia

  2. Genial! I like it!Congrats and happy new year

  3. Ruby, that is gorgeous, and I just love the fabric you used! Wish I had the talent of being able to just make something up like that - I have to rely on patterns. Maybe one of these days I will get brave enough to try it! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  4. Love it! It's a great shape and a stunning pattern and colors.
    Do you remember what fabric it is? Enjoy the holidays!
    And thanks for the inspiration to just GO FOR IT!