Fabric Gift Bag - TUTORIAL

Thanks for all the comments on my previous gift bag post. Definitely gave me the push I needed to put together this tutorial and to make a few changes.  I was inspired by the Nautical Adventures Tote that Roselee over at Jane of All Trades posted recently.  Her technique for sewing and finishing the seams all in one step is genius!  Go take a peek, but be sure to come back so you can make a cute little gift bag.  
Here's what you'll need to make a cute, simple and reusable gift bag:
  • 1 piece of duck canvas that is 10"x22"
  • about 21 inches of 1/2inch double fold bias tape (this is a great time to use up some scraps or try making your own - good tutorial here
  • 4 large eyelets and setting tool
Fold the fabric in half so you have a rectangle that is 10"x11" and iron the fold well. 
If you are going to add some applique, now's the time to do it.  You want to add your applique to the INSIDE of your folded piece of fabric.

Here's the genius part I borrowed from Roselee,  start your bias tape about an inch from the top (open end of fabric) and sew a 3/8 inch seam from the top all the way to the bottom, folding the bias tape under at the bottom (folded end of fabric).  You've sewn and enclosed the seam in one step.  Amazing!

Next, box the corners by marking 2 inches from the bottom corner. 
Match those marking, draw a line across and sew on the line.
Iron the seams and from the corners up so the bag has more shape.
 Here's what the inside will look like.
Finish the top edge with either a serger,

or cut with pinking shears. 
Fold the top edge towards the inside about 3/4 inch, so that the raw edge of the bias tape is covered, and sew around. 

2 inches down from the top, centered, and 1 inch apart, make 2 markings for where your eyelets will go.  My bag front was about 5.5 inches across, but this might vary a little depending on how you ironed it.  Just make sure the markings are centered and the spacing is even. 

Follow the instructions to attach the eyelets.
Use the front 2 eyelets to mark where the back eyelets should be.  This insures that they line up at the end.
There you have it!  Thread some pretty ribbon or bias tape through, fill with a gift, and you're ready to go.

Be sure to add yours to the Flickr Pool.
It's alway so fun to see what you come up with!


  1. So cute!!thanks for this tutorial
    Bye Alessandra

  2. thanxxx....it's on my pinboard!

  3. These are beautiful! What a treat to receive a gift within a gift! You are so talented, thanks for sharing!

  4. Excelente tutorial. Gracias por compartir.
    Saludos desde Venezuela!

  5. SO WONDERFUL!!!! I will be making a bunch!

  6. What a great idea!!!! I don't use bias tape at all, but came across some while organizing my sewing area last night. I'm all about cloth gift bags, and definitely plan to give your tutorial a try some time.